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Natural Therapy Courses, 1 DAY ONLY


Art of Touch Internationally Certified Courses

For the last 20 years we've provided courses to thousands of satisfied participants. Booking 2 certified courses attracts $50 discount, 3 - a $100. Gift Vouchers are also available.


Hot Stone Massage Cupping
hot stone massage Learn & experience first hand the wonders of this massage technique... [more] Cupping Therapy Cupping is a wonderful form of treatment aimed at stimulating the body's own healing powers... [more]
Crystals & Pendulums Zen Yoga Therapy
crystal-pendulum Full instruction & demonstration in the use of crystals and pendulums... [more] oki-do-yoga Bringing together Yoga, Tao and Zen, learn the methods of this spiritual Yoga system... [more]

People from all over Australia attended our courses. Darwin, Alice Springs, Newcastle, Port Douglas, Perth, Sydney, Hobart are just a few from our list. We also had students from overseas - USA, Germany, Asia.

Why Do Courses with Us ?

  • We have Experience
  • We have conducted Alternative and ComplimentaryTtherapies courses for more than 18 years. Over 3,500 people have already benefited from completing our courses and you can be one of them
  • We are Internationally Recognized
  • We are Approved Training Provider by IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists). This means that you can practice straight after completing our course, become practitioner in this modality and get your Professional Indemnity and Public Liability via IICT or MAA, if required
  • CPE qualified (Continuing Professional Education) by major professional associations such as AAMT, MAA
  • 100% Unconditional Guarantee
  • This means that at any time during course or after, before receiving our certificate, you are not happy with the quality of our teaching, we will refund your money, paid to us, in full. To book the course only  a $50 deposit is equired, with the rest of the money to be paid after the courses
  • Attractive Discounts
  • We provide cost attractive options for attending our certified courses. Booking 2 certified courses attracts $50 discount, 3 certified courses attracts a $100 discount
  • Comprehensive Manuals
  • Our manuals are well presented and full of useful information. We also allow to make photos during course
  • Small Group
  • We improved quality of our teaching by limiting the number of participants to up to 3 only for certified courses in order to spend more time with each one of them
  • Continuous Support
  • We provide continuous support after completion of our course. It means that you can call us with your questions and issues, when you need it, long after the course

Hot Stone Massage

A Hot Stone Massage is a specialized massage that uses smooth and heated stones. They are often basalt like the black volcanic rock that absorbs and retains the heat well. But the stones can be of other types. The heat is both deeply relaxing and helps tight muscles to release. White and cold stones also can be used.

What Happens During a Hot Stone Massage?

* Before you arrive, it is very important that the massage therapist sanitizes the stones and heats them in 120 to 150 degree water.

* During the massage, the therapist warms up the body with the traditional Swedish massage. Along the duration of the massage, you will be holding a heated stone. As the stone cools, the therapist replaces it with another one.

* The massage therapist might also leave heated stones in specific points along your spine, in the palms of your hand, on your belly, or even between your toes to improve the flow of energy in your body.

* If you have inflammation or muscle injury, cold stones are sometimes used.

What You Need To Know About Hot Stone Massage:

* The therapist uses many stones of various shapes and sizes.

* The heat of the stones helps muscles to release more quickly than in traditional massage.

You should speak up if the stones are too warm or the pressure is too intense.

Technique is very important. Sometimes, less experienced practitioners use too much pressure.

Crystal Healing

What is Crystal Healing?

Physics teaches us that all existing matter are made up of energy. Light is made up of certain wavelengths. Everything with mass is made up of small particles, which includes the human body and the energy that flows through it.

Each type of particles that exists has a certain frequency on which it vibrates. This is something that ancient holistic medicine has in common with modern science teachings. No part of the human body is permanently unmoved.

Experts in crystal healing continually believe that the imbalances in the body can cause certain types of illnesses. They have learned over the years that there is nothing more unique about the vibrational frequency of the matter in the human body. There are also many elements that can be found in nature that share these vibrational patterns.

For example, different types of crystal are said to be the proponents of crystal healing. They have the same energetic properties to a certain key energy points of the body.

For instance, when you place different audio speakers that are only playing the same thing, the volume will increase into harmonious wave amplification. As such, using crystals also bring vibrational rate on a certain part of the body. The person that is suffering from an illness will enhance the natural vibrations that lead to a healthy body and well being.

Crystals act as a guiding light to enhance the flow of natural energies around the body parts especially those parts that experience weakness. Over the time, crystal healing help restore the person's physical strength.

There are reports that people who have undergone on this holistic treatment felt strange sensations after these healing crystals were in contact with their bodies. It was as though they were suddenly aware of their pulses. But it will only be felt in area that the stone was directly placed. This is somewhat strange because most likely we are unable to feel our pulse beating itself. It means that our system is being boosted when it will directly touch by crystal.

Experts in crystal healing say that this feeling of circulation enhance and improve the body's rate that are not used to do before. It is a good sign that the person's natural vibrational energies are restored into the normal state.

Crystal healing has intense effect on the patient's mental state. Mental blockages is more difficult to diagnose that the physical ones. It is hard to detect especially when the person near to them is not sensitive to determine it.

Still, crystal healing can provide patients to come into a state of renewed mental clarity. Afterward, it is easy for them to avoid bad habits that negatively affected them in the past.

A healthier way of living is a lot easier if they have the chance to undergo on this metaphysical balance restoration.



Upcoming Courses, Melbourne 2019


Swedish Full Body Massage (1 DAY)

24 Nov or 30 Dec, cost $395

Hot Stone Massage

25 Nov or 1 Dec, cost $295

Cryssage, 25 Nov, cost $295

Indian Head Massage

18 Nov or 9 Dec, cost $295

Kinesiology Course (1 DAY)

23 Nov or 8 Dec, cost $295


23 Nov or 2 Dec, cost $295

Ear Candling

25 Nov or 23 Dec, cost $295

Acupressure (Su Jok / Reflexology)

30 Nov or 15 Dec, cost $295

Crystals & Pendulums

Level 1: 23 Nov or 28 Dec,cost $195

Level 2: 24 Nov or 29 Dec, Internationally Certifed,, cost $295

Gem/Crystal Essences,7 Dec, cost $295

Zen Yoga Therapy

30 Nov or 28 Dec, cost $295

Energy Medicine

1 or 21 Dec, cost $395

Sound Healing,30 Nov or 30 Dec, cost $295

Mastering the Pendulum, 30 Nov, cost $295,

Mastering the Pendulum is the use of a Pendulum as a tool to help transform your body, mind and soul from lower to higher states of Health and Well-being

Magnet Therapy, 28 Dec, cost $295


Reiki,7 Dec, Level 1, cost $295

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