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Our classes are run by massage therapists with more than 17 years of practice and limited to 2 people only in order to spend more time with you. You will not only learn but also experience hot stone massage first hand.

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Chinese system of healing with stones based on Yin and Yang theory.

The combination of Fire (Yang) and Ice (Yin) are the elements that comprise Chinese stone therapy. The warmth of the sun and the coolness of the snow are blended into the massage via smooth Chinese black hot stones and chilled white river carved stones to induce deep healing energies of the earth into your body, mind, and spirit.

Alternating the use of both hot and cold stones to Yin/Yang side of the body increases the circulatory response from all systems and helps to restore harmony betwen Yin and Yang.

When you shake the client's hand you get a clue about Yin/ Yang condition of his or her body. If you are healthy and the client is younger than yourself, their palm should be warmer than yours. However, if the palm is cooler, you will know that energy flow in the client body is less. The client has Yin condition and will benefit more from applications of hot stones. Similarly, if the client is older than you, the palm should be cooler. But, if the palm is warmer, it indficates that there is excess heat in the body or the client has fever. He or she has Yang condition and usage of more white, cool stones will be more beneficial.

The Yin and Yang theory and exact placement of stones on Yin and Yang areas of the body will be covered in details in course notes.


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