Oki Do Yoga Guarantee


Oki-Do Yoga Background

What is Oki-Do Yoga?
Master Masahiro Oki (1921-1985) created Oki-Do Yoga. Born in Korea, Masahiro Oki studied spiritual practices and traditional healing in Japan, Mongolia, China, Tibet, India, Persia, Arabia and Africa. Oki-Do is based on Yoga, Tao and Zen and aims to assist individuals to reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives. This yoga system includes strengthening, corrective exercises, laughter, meditation, chanting, shiatsu and natural nutrition to achieve health and happiness.

Books written by Masahiro Oki:

  • Zen Yoga Therapy
  • Practical Yoga
  • Meditation Yoga

What will you learn?

Stress Management and relaxation techniques, a simple but effective Tibetan system of 'Eternal Youth', practiced daily you will feel and look younger within a few months. You can start at any age. Exercises from various healing systems designed to improve flexibility of body and mind and to strengthen internal organs. An approach to common yoga practices with laughter and joy. Life is Fun. If you have never done it before do it now, all exercises are performed to your own ability.

Classes and Venues:

Uniting Church, 313 Charman rd. Cheltenham Time: 7-9 pm Mondays

Uniting Church, 117 Murrumbeena rd. Murrumbeena. Time: 7-9 pm Tuesdays

St. Agnes Church Hall , Locinda st.,Highett. Time: 7:30-9:30 pm Thursdays

Oki-Do Yoga Studio, 21 Fletcher st.. Moorabbin, Time:10:30am-12 pm Mon., Tue, Wed., Fri.

Cost: $15

Private lessons: $30 per 1 hr.

Your Instructor: Lev Dulitsky

Lev has been practicing yoga for more than 20 years, having taught at CAE and various other educational institutions. He has successfully completed an eight month intensive teacher training course in Oki-Do yoga with Takao Nakazawa. Lev has been an instructor in Oki-Do yoga for the last 7 years.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Lev, the teacher of the Yoga Discovery Course, has been teaching for almost 10 years, having trained with one of the foremost experts in Oki-Do Yoga. This hands-on session will provide you a deeper understanding of Yoga, at your own pace, in a relaxed environment. We offer the following guarantee.

If you are not entirely convinced at any time during the workshop, that it has been a great investment in both your time and money - let us know,
return the workshop material and your refund will be processed immediately!

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