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Practical Applications




Practical Applications

Is it for you ?

Yes, if you have sleeping problem or feel tired waking in the morning.There is a big chance that your bed is in Geopathic Stress area or near EMR field. Try our 'Geoclense' with ' Pyramid Schumann Generator'. They could be solution to your problem. Also buckwheet pillow from www.bio-oz.com.au can help, it has very good energy.

Yes, if you feel tired or car sick after short driving or your job involve long ours driving, try our 'Pyramid Schumann Generator' with USF Harmoniser attached to the windscreen. It will make your driving experience as a pleasant surprice.

Yes, if you spent long ours near laptop or talking on the phone.The USF Harmoniser will be your best friend.

Yes, if you care of what you eat and drink.Try our 'Chi Margic Plate'. Your food and drinks will surprise you with taste they have and the energy they provide.

Yes, if you are aware about ill effects of electromagnetic radiation on your body and want to resolve this problem once and for all

If you have at least one 'yes' for this test, the information about our products is relevant to you and we will be happy to share our experience with you,


How Harmonizers Work

All electric/electronic appliances, wireless devices, Geopathic Stress Zones (seismic fault lines, underground flowing waters, sewers, earth magnetic grid lines) and other noxious energies (information imprints, spirit lines) emit positive ions. These form the electronic smog that pollutes our environment. Our bodies are biological systems that also operate using electric signals. If the electronic smog is too strong, it confuses signals sent by our brain to various organs and has an adverse effect on our health.

Harmonizers create negative ions to counteract excess positive ions, thus clearing the electronic smog and restoring normal performance to our body.

For the last 25 years we researched, used, and sold in our courses different products that improve our energy and quality of life and protect us from unsafed energies.

What is Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) ?

EMR is a man-made frequency that travels through our atmosphere. It is a term used to decribe the invisible wave of combined electic and magnetic fields. This wave can penetrate walls,floors, and can travel various distances. Common sources are TV, microwaves and all elecrical devices.

How does it affect us ?

We have different degrees of sensitivity to these influences. Although we may not see or feel these waves, they are passing through us daily. Because we are all individually different, exposure to the various type of electromagnetic fields that are present in our buildings will vary from person to person creating various health problem. Stress, Headaches, Memory Lose, Heart Palpitation, Insomnia, and Depression can all be related to EMR.


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