Why Choose Us?

We take a lot of care to make our workshops the best in Melbourne - Here is what sets us apart:

  • 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee
    (or your money cheerfully refunded)

  • Small Classes so you get hands-on experience with all aspects of the course.

  • Lunch is always included! And Yes- Elizabeth will accomodate you whether your dietary requirements are gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan.

  • Workshop Manuals for you to keep!

  • Open Environment - You are free to ask questions, have disusssions etc.
  • In Depth Knowledge - Everything we teach, we are actively involved in. We taught Yoga lessons long before teaching the Yoga Workshop, and we provided (and still do) Heath Insurer Accredited Massage for over 12 years, before teaching the Hot Stone Workshop.

Testimonials   (Back to Main Page)

The course of Hot Stone Massage as life time experience. I am glad I booked it before going to India. Thanks Elizabeth - Rimm

Amazing Knowledge was delivered at exactly the correct time in my life - Thaj You. The Positive impression created will always be near -Ewa Draczeko.

It was so nice talking to you earlier,
I can't wait to do my massage course with you.
I will also be booking the second course after that too as you have won me over!!! - Katherine Tzelepis

"Excellent training. Extremely thorough. Leant more in a few hours of practical knowledge then all the books I've read combined" - Alex

"What an enjoyable and informative workshop. It was very interesting and packed full of extremely useful information.Thanks for a wonderful day; With love and admiration" - Natale

"Thank you Lev for a wonderful spirirtual and educational day. I've learned so much, but
realise there IS so much more." - Sue

"I think it was one of the best workshops I attended. A lot of information, practical advice in a short period of time. And very, very nice lunch" - Andrei

"A very effective workshop. I have been to many workshops over my years of being a naturopath and this was definitely one of the better ones! Thanks very much"' - Mary.

'"Thank you very much for new and very interesting experience.I am happy I was here" - Boris

'"A most informative, well presented but pleasantlly informal workshop.For me it intergrated a number of areas I have learnt about over the years. So, for me this was most valuable. Great Lunch! Thank you" - Janet

'"Thank you very much for a very enlightning day.Today has been the beginning of a very exciting journey. The hospitality came with great warmth - thank you Lev & Elizabeth" - Alan

'"Thank you Lev and Elizabeth for your hospitality, generosity and great knowledge passed on. You are both beatiful spirits and I am so pleased to have you both in my life. A fantastic presentation and fabulous meal. Love to you both" - Jordana

"Thank you so much for the workshop. It opened my mind to endless possbilities of crystal/crystal healing. The workshop in itself was wonderful, just packed with heaps of hands on activities that allowed me to learn how to make changes to my life.Once again Thanks" - Chris

"Dear Elizabeth & Lev.Thank you immensely for your wonderful workshop. I feel like I've learnt so much and most of all I've had so much fun while learning. Thank you very much for your warmth and hospitality.I'd recommend the workshop to everybody.I hope to see you both again in the future. Love" - Renata

"The workshop has exceeded my expectation.It has introduced me to a new world!. This information was informative and relavant to my life and work. So much more to learn & read." - Lena

""Very interesting. I  enjoy every piece of the puzzle forthcoming. Much appreciated energy, wisdom + delicious food. Thanks Elizabeth and Lev" - Elissa

Dear Elizabeth and Lev, thank you so much for a fantastic workshop, can't wait to start practicing. See you at next workshop. Kayl


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