The Secret Guarantee


The Secret Workshop

New secrets and practical instruction on how to work with 'The Law of Attraction' not discussed on DVD and the book 'The Secret'.

This workshop includes an individual session on how to improve your energy field. You will learn:

  • How to identify and change the energy of attraction around you.
  • How to resolve conflits with yourself and others
  • Use of Crystals, Yantras, Pyramids and Chi Energy
  • Mind Control Methods to deal with negative energies
  • Techniques to help you to be in touch with your Inner Voice
  • Methods of other models of 'The Law of Attraction'' such as 'Transurfing Reality' by Zeland and 'Ecology of Thought' by L. Trojan
  • Usage of Affirmations, Moodras, Voice and Signs
  • 'White Light' and 'Violet Beam' Meditations
  • Usage of Dr. Emoto's Water Crystal images for balancing your Aura (energy field)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We were studying many of the concepts years before the movie came out, and it took us a long time to find and filter the rivers of information into practical gems for everyday use - We offer this guarantee:

If you are not entirely convinced at any time during the workshop, that it has been a great investment in both your time and money - let us know,
return the workshop material and your refund will be processed immediately!

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