Hot Stone Massage Courses


Hot Stone Courses In Melbourne

Our program is run by massage therapists with more than 17 years of practice, and limited to 2 people only, in order to spend more time with you. You will not only learn but also experience hot stone massage first hand.

During this workshop we will explore:


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Therapeutic properties of hot stone massage.

Elizabeth, a Myotheraprist with more than 21 years of experience
in clinical massage treatment, outlines some of the
therapeutic properties of hot stone massages.

Compared to normal massage, hot stone massage has an exotic,
distinct character. Hot stones bring oxygenated blood to an area, increasing lymph flow and metabolisn. Conversely, cold stones push away unwanted congestion, inflammation and blockages.The result is "vascular gymnastics" which helps detoxify the body and bring it back into balance.

The application of hot stones to an area penetrates the tissue deeper, softens the muscles and releases tension. This brings a profound feeling of balance, serenity and wholeness are experienced as well as sense of being cradled and nurtured.


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