Trigger Point Myotherapy


Hot Stone Course In Melbourne

Our day packages run by massage therapists with more than 17 years of practice and limited to 2 people only in order to spend more time with you. You will not only learn but also experience hot stone massage first hand.

During this workshop we will explore:

  • Therapeutic properties of hot stone massage.
  • Chinese system of healing with stones based on Yin and Yang theory.
  • Trigger point application of hot stones.
  • Do's and Don'ts using hot stones.
  • Contradictions.
  • Usage of Crystals, Pyramids and Chi Energy for improvement of effectiveness of stone massage.

Trigger Point Application

Using more than 21 years of experience in Myotherapy, we share how some of these advanced methods can be used to compliment to the common practices of hot stone massage.

Trigger points (tender areas) are found in muscles that have been 'damaged' by accidents, sports, jobs hazards, or disease. Under physical and emotional stress they can light up and cause muscles to tighten, resulting in strong pain. It has been found that hot stone applications to a trigger point area helps muscles to relax as heat has a soothing and relaxing effect. It increases local blood flow, thereby speeding up both metabolism and the healing process.

The trigger point maps indicating potential placement of hot stones, and the method of treatments, will be discussed at workshop.

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