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Cupping Therapy - Hot Stone Massage - Indian Head Massage - Ear Candling - Swedish Massage - Cryssage - Crystal Therapy - Acupressure/ Su Jok - Mastering Pendulum - Kinesiology - Zen Yoga Therapy - Energy Mediicine - Sound Healing Courses

''Art of Touch' has been helping people to find the road to a better, healthier life for more than 30 years.

Over 3.500 thousand people have attended our one day course programs.

Hot Stone Massage, Su Jok/Acupressure, Cupping, Indian Head Massage, Zen Yoga Therapy, Ear Candling and Crystal Healing are only some of our topics.

The International Institute for Complementary Therapists has approved our training programs.

Elizabeth Dulitsky

Elizabeth has had more than 30 years experience in helping people with various health problems. She has written articles for many professional magazines, has also participated in many health shows, and has featured on radio promoting health and a healthy lifestyle. A qualifed Myotherapist and Professional Masseur, she regularly conducts courses on Cupping, Hot Stone Massage, Ear Candling, Indian Head Massage, Swedish Massage, Cryssage and Acupressure

Elizabeth's Qualifications :

B.A, 4 Years Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Myotherapy)

Certificate of Applied Science (Remedial Massage) from R.M.I.T

Certificate in Occupational Rehabilitation from La Trobe Univercity

Certificate in Chinese Hot Stone Massage

Certificate in Cupping

Certificate in Ear Candling,

Certificate in Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Certificate in TFT (Thought Field Therapy)

Certificate in Traditional Ayurvedic Indian Head and Face Massage

Certificate in Respiratory and Myotherapy

Certificate in TENS machine

Member of the Institute of Registered Myotherapists of Australia (IRMA)


Lev Dulitsky

Senior Yoga Teacher Member of Yoga Australia

Research Engineer, Feng Shui Practitioner, Crystal Therapist, Oki-Do Yoga Teacher, and Dowser are just a few of Lev's professional activities. Through a continual process of extensive study, observation, testing, and practice he acquired the knowledge he now shares in 'The Art of Touch' courses and seminars.

Lev has been practicing Yoga for over 30 years, having taught at CAE and various other educational institutions. He has successfully completed a ten month intensive teacher-training course in Oki-Do Yoga with Takao Nakazawa. Lev has been a teacher in Oki-Do Yoga for the last 20 years. He also has extensive experience in Crystal Therapy, Dowsing, 'Energy Medicine' and Pyramid Healing and has travelled India and many other parts of the world, learning from spiritual masters. He regularly conducts courses in 'Crystal Healing/Therapy', 'Zen Yoga Therapy', 'Kinesiology', 'Energy Medicine' , ''Acupressure/Su Jok' and Sound Healing.

Lev's Qualifications:

Certificate in Medical Qi Gong, Master Level

Certificate in Feng Shui, Professional Level

Certificate in Reiki, Level 1, 2 and 3

Certificate in Space Clearing and Blessing, Professional Level

Certificate in Kinesiology, 'Touch for Health' System

Certificate in Dowsing (Victorian Dowsing Society)





Our Services Include:

  • Zen Yoga Therapy Courses
  • Natural Therapy Courses                                      

Our courses will open to you new aspects of your own amazing  abilities and let you reach new heights.

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