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Crystal & Pendulum Courses
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The Art of Touch is pleased to present you our crystal workshop. During this workshop we will explore:

  • Choosing the right Crystal for yourself and others (Ten methods of crystal selection)
  • Cleansing , Awakening and Programming Crystals
  • Storing Crystals - A clairvoyant insight
  • Meditation with Crystals
  • Usage of Crystals, Pyramids and Yantras to attract abundance and prosperity, inner secrets of Taouist Feng Shui and Indians Masters of Vastu
  • Healing Techniques
    • Chakra and Meridian Balancing
    • Pain and headache reduction using crystals
    • Chinese system of healing, based on five elements
  • Crystal Pendulums and Dowsing
  • Kinesiology Testing
  • Self Healing with Gem Essences
  • Usage and positioning of crystals in the home and .workplace
    • How to energise your water
    • Protecting your home from EMF (electro-magnetic fields)
  • Wearing Crystals

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Wearing Crystals

For thousands of years precious and semi-precious stones have been worn as decoration and for their beneficial properties. Wearing crystals is a useful way to help maintain the body's energy level, but remember the stone can only help you if its own energy is clean.

Place your jewellery on a crystal cluster or under a pyramid at night to cleanse it, or use Chi Energy Pyramid Grid or other methods I teach in my Crystal Courses.

If crystal jewellery isn't cleansed regularly, the stones cannot process unbalanced energies and these may even be reflected back into auric field, making matters worse.

Crystal jewellery is best used when you need a little extra boost. Wear only one or two stones at a time - more may confuse the energy message to the body. However, it is always safe to mix clear quartz/diamond with any other stone.

Marcel Vogel found that constantly wearing crystals and gemstones can weaken the energy field so don't become dependant on your crystals; have a couple of days without any from time to time - it will increase its effectiveness.

Sometimes, a stone needs to be somewhere particular on the body. If you don't have a pocket in the appropriate place, use a small cotton/silk bag or pouch and a safety pin to attach it to the inside of your clothing. The influence of the crystal is dependant on its placement around the energy centres of the body (chakras).

A simple way of wearing crystals is as a pendant. The length of the chain used will determine which chakra will be most stimulated and balanced. A stone at the solar plexus will influence how you use your store of energy and what you do with personal power; a stone at the heart will affect your emotional state; placed between the heart and throat a crystal will help you define your space and needs; at the throat, a stone will aid your communication and artistic skills.

Wearing gemstone rings will stimulate different meridians channels depending on which fingers they are worn on. Already used energy exits through the fingertips - that's why a stone-encrusted ring focuses our attention on what we have already done and think about our mistake in order to correct them.

Bracelets act on entry and exit of energy and help to understand what energy we are using.

Earrings attract attention to the wearer. They can help to balance throat, neck and head energies.

Crystals can reveal a lot about the women who wear them.

If a woman chooses a triangle shape it may indicate her dynamic, eccentric, spontaneous and unpredictable character. She does not like ordinary and boring life. She is straightforward, not afraid to express her opinion, and prefers red, orange, yellow and emerald shades.

If she selects an elliptical shape, she is sensible, flexible, diplomatic, objective in estimation of friends and other people, and likes blue and dark-blue colours.

Choosing a circle means order, harmony and independence. Favourite colours are yellow-green

and violet.

A square shape indicates someone who is reliable, conservative and somewhat blunt. Colours are black and brown, sometimes green and yellow.

If a strange, geometrical or original shape is selected, this can indicate a willingness to be different, to bring attention to herself, standing out from the crowd. Colours are insignificant.

Necklace - symbolise unity in multiplicity, endlessness. It attracts to the wearer as magnet. Good stones to prevent aging, preserve and improve skin condition are agates (especially moss agate) and malachite. Wear amber after heavy sickness for quick recovery and rose quartz to prevent wrinkles and for good complexion of the face.

On any jewellery, the amount of stones you wear at the same time should be odd (1,3,5,7..).

According to folklore, even numbers bring bad luck.

At 'The Art of Touch' we teach how to improve energy of your own jewellery and how to select the right one according to your body needs. We also sell jewellery and have a wide range of rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

We can also help to select it for you (Melbourne only)!

For appointment call : 03 9553 0945


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