Silk Biocircuits




Silk Biocircuits

Name: Silk Biocircuits - Amazing Tools for Energy Health

Price:  $125

Biocircuits balance and magnify the body’s natural energy, provide a strong and direct experience of life force, and serve as self-empowering tools for health, personal growth, and inner exploration.


Invented in England over eighty years ago, biocircuits have been the focus of thousands of experiments. Dozens of researchers have corroborated the effectiveness of these deceptively simple devices.


Our team from ‘The Art of Touch’considerably enhanced the vibrational frequency and effectiveness of Silk Biocircuts.

Further improvement can be archived by holding Crystal Selenite Harmonizers in your hands, placing small Apophyllite on the forehead and moon stone wand on the chest.


Deeper relaxation and meditation, healing, stress reduction, vivid dreams and out of body experience, sleep improvement (30 min. before bedtime), balancing and improving body’s bioenergy – all of the above were contributed to constant usage of biocuircuts.


For more information read the book ‘Biocircuits’ by Leslie and Terry Patten.

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