Conversation with Crystals

Once, my friend Mark, visited me and we had a conversation about crystals.

Mark is a medium and clairvoyant and he can communicate with crystals and elementals, I had written about him in one of my stories.

'Mark, can you have conversations with crystals about what they like, what they don't like and what they feel?' I asked. He responded.

'All stones like to be stored in dark places, if possible, in wooden boxes with cotton, pine leaves and twigs, arranged like a bird's nest. 

The crystals are alive and they need to feel that they are being cared for. 

They do not like wet places. They like human warmth, when somebody talks to them, mentally hugs them and lightly blows on them.

They also like to be carried in the hand, and to be with a person who has good thoughts. 

They have a memory so do not hold them when thinking unethical or evil thoughts as they will work against you.

They like their owner and could become jealous - so don't part with them carelessly! 

They understand good intentions and if given to someone with love, will not object.

Dark and Translucent/White stones should not be kept together in open space 

(e.g. a table). White Stones need the morning sun – 15 - 30 minutes once every 3-4 weeks. 

They don't need moonlight, but this type of light is good for all dark stones. Dark stones like to be on the ground, for example in flowerpots. 

They also need morning sun, but far less frequently than white stones.

If you are depressed and carry your favourite stone frequently (it also gets affected) periodically, give it a rest and time to recover. 

If you bury the crystal for cleansing, make sure the ground is dry. Not all crystals can be buried, so make sure it is safe for the crystal.

The crystal likes candles, children's laughter and joy, the sound of the flute and the harp, and the sound of running water. 

They also like black cats, horses and snakes. 

The stone can be wise or not very wise. 

If the stone has been used for healing and meditation by a wise man, it accumulates a lot of knowledge, 

compared to the stone that was lying in the mountains. 

If you want to pass knowledge to a stone that has come from the mountain, put it together with the wise stone for 24 hours and then separate them.   

Crystals that have a specific gender, for example, boji stones, should not be kept together in one bag, as they can lose their qualities.  

I used this information in my trip to India. I had with me a 'Vogel' crystal and when I received blessings from the sages I met, 

I also asked them to bless my crystal. 

It became very wise. When I writing my stories, it is with me on my table.