Crystals Love

I once bought four clear quartz crystal clusters. I dug them out from a dark corner of a storeroom of one of my crystal suppliers. They were wrapped in a dirty newspaper from a foreign country and looked very unhappy.

I took them home, washed them, cleansed them, and send Reiki energy but I still felt that something else needed to be done.

By chance, my Reiki Master, Mark, visited me and I asked for advice.

Mark is a medium and strong clairvoyant. He can talk to crystals and beings from other realms. He told me that the 4 crystals were a family, mother and child and two relatives, who were ‘Protectors’. Mother (bigger crystal) and child (smaller one) were separated and that was the reason for their unhappiness.

We put the smaller cluster on the top of the bigger one and the room, the entire house, even the back yard, were filled with Love, a feeling we had never experienced before. It was like the feeling I had when my second child was born but not the same. I call it 'Crystal Love'.

Mark also told me that the other 2 crystals I could not keep in the house as they behave like dogs to protect mother and child. He saw them opening their mouths trying to attack a person who approaching the crystal family.

Mark also found that 'Protectors' have the ability to detect aggression in a person. If a person is not aggressive, they are nice and peaceful and allow him to approach and even to touch mother and child. If not, they will attack on an invisible level. We decided not to separate them and to keep all 4 of them at the main entry to the house as guardians of the property.

On my 'Crystal Courses' I now can check the aggression of my students. 

I, with my pendulum, mentally connect to 'Protectors' and pass the person between them with the question, 'Will you allow this person to enter?'. If aggression is strong, the pendulum moves anticlockwise, it means ‘No’. If there is no aggression, the pendulum moves clockwise, it means ‘Yes’. If pendulum moves in straight line, they will let him in, but they will be watching him. It is most common with relatives, who do not like me. Somehow, my crystals 'Protectors' know, that relatives should be allowed to enter.

The experience of  'Crystal Love' also helped me to improve my 'Energy Medicine' courses. Energy Medicine is where energy is the medicine and energies are also the patient. In this course I teach how to boost energy levels of a person and strengthen his immune system, identify, and remove energy blocks, release trapped emotions, reduce stress, and alleviate pain and improve energy of the place he lives and works.