Feng Shui

A person from America went to China to learn Feng Shui. He was a good student and he successfully finished a course. The Feng Shui Master gave him a present, a little beautiful jewellery box. 

When he returned home, he placed this box in his bedroom and suddenly noticed, that this box does not fit the room. He changed the energy of the room and then they became happy with each other. 

However, when he left the room, he found, that the corridor became not compatible with his bedroom. He changed the energy again, not only the corridor but the whole house. The energy of the house became beautiful. 

Proud and happy with his job he went outside to rest in his backyard, but

realized that the energy of the house was incompatible with his backyard.

He started over again and changed energy of the backyard to match the house.

As you can probably guess although the backyard and the house became harmonized they didn’t match the street…

Changing the street will lead to changing the town and changing the town to changing the country. This is the real Feng Shui.

I am a Feng Shui practitioner and studied Vastu Shastra, an Indian system of harmonious living. 

People always asked me ‘How effective are different systems in Feng Shui, even though they are contradicting each other?’. They still have the common rule, to strengthen the center of the house.

One day, I was working on improving energy in my house, when my friend, Valeri, came to visit with his new poem channeled from above. I was one of his first readers. I mentioned his gifts in other stories.

‘‘Valeri”, I told him, “You have done a good job with your healing poem ‘Believe and Receive’, how about, you try your skills with Feng Shui’’. ‘I will try’ he said and, in a few days,,c he came back with a new poem, ‘Happy Dwelling’. It was good. I felt positive vibes spreading over all the house.

An idea came into my mind to use it with Feng Shui Bagua. 

I split this poem into eight verses, matched them with a pendulum to appropriate sides of the Bagua and added them to it. Then, I selected appropriate crystals and placed them on a new Bagua and placed it on the floor, near the center of the house.


My house filled with light!

Feng Shui Tips

To improve energy of abundance in your house, open the front door at 45% angle and what you see in this view will be your prosperity space.

Place abundance and prosperity objects in this space like Jade money frogs, statues of Buddha, Shri Yantras, money trees, prosperity towers, wish pyramids, Citrine crystals… Those objects should be visible from the front door.

Hang the picture of the water from the left side of the front entry to the house and double happiness sign from the right side. This will increase flow of Chi into your house.

Place Sardonyx crystals in the windows facing the street with the ‘Eye’ facing the street for preventions from crime.

Place Vastu Yantra or Lo Pen in the room or near the center of the house if you want to rectify imperfection of the house.

To protect your house from EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation), WI-FI, 5G, and Geopathic Stress use ‘Stellar Dome’ and ‘Geoclense’. The ‘Geoclense’ can be plug-in anywhere in your house but better in the room where you have a lot of electronic equipment. 

To block harmful radiation from your mobile phone use Gerald's Bini 

‘Mobile Phone Radiation Harmonizer’ or my design.

Personal protection can be achieved with ‘Personal Harmonizers’ or ‘Pyramid Grid’, see my website for description of those products.