My interest in numerology was triggered by my passion in crystal therapy. In crystal therapy, I teach different methods of crystal selection and one of them is selecting by numerology. 

Once, I read a biography of one of the famous Russian bell ringers, composers and musical theorists, Saradzhev. He was known for 'his superhuman aural acuity' and could distinguish all 4,000 of Moscow’s church bells by their unique frequencies.  Every person he met sounded as musical notes and he could hear the same notes looking at a picture of this person as a baby or as an old man.Looking at pictures Saradzhev could also tell if this person was dead or alive as musical notes would not be the same. He called those notes, ‘The vibrational frequency' of a person. It could be harmonious or not harmonious. 

In numerology, the vibrational frequency of a person is represented by his personality grid based on his date of birth. If the personality grid of a person has all numbers from 1 to 9, then the vibrational frequency of a person is harmonious. If not, you could make it harmonious by wearing crystals that vibrated to the missing numbers. The numbers in a numerology grid also corresponds to appropriate organs of a human body and missing numbers indicates potential health problems. Making the vibrational frequency harmonious will improve person's health.  

In my Energy Medicine course on numerology, I teach how to make numerology grids based on different numerology systems and what crystals vibrate to different numbers.