Mark Erics

Ten years ago, I met Mark, my Mentor, my Reiki Master, my friend and my colleague.

We both came from the same country, the same industry and have many things in common. 

We share the same interests. Energy Medicine, Reiki, Sound Healing, Numerology and life on ‘The Other Side’ were topics of our conversations.

Mark used to be a contractor in the computer industry for many years and he discovered his ability quite late, when he enrolled in a course for clairvoyance.

He was medium, a strong clairvoyant and after the course became Reiki Master of the highest level.

I used to be a research engineer, computer designer, analyst programmer and data processing manager but become a Yoga Teacher, 

Crystal Therapist and manager of 'The Art of Touch' company, that taught various courses in Natural Therapy.

I invited Mark Erics to join my team and for a while, we ran Crystal Therapy and Reiki courses together. I completed Reiki level 1 and 2 

but repeated again with Mark to Reiki Master level.

The second name 'Erics' we invented for marketing purposes, to advertise our courses on my website and wanted a name that was easy to remember.

Our Reiki Initiations with Mark were something special as Souls of Grand Parents and Spiritual Guides of the students came to help, Mark could talk to them.

Mark has a deep understanding of Reiki; he can see Reiki signs in space.

This knowledge I share in my courses with people, who practice Reiki.

I love art and have many aboriginal paintings in my house, but Mark felt, that they knew of the history of aboriginal people, and were sad they were not in aboriginal homes. I performed many blessing to rectify this problem.

He helped me with my yoga teaching too. The main problem of serious diseases come from stress, so I asked Mark to channel an anti-stress mudra.

'When you are under stress, embrace with the right hand, the first three fingers of the left hand', he replied 

To deal with fears Mark channelled the mudra where- 'The first and second fingers of the right-hand embraces with the left hand'.

To raise your self-esteem, 'The second and third fingers of the left-hand embraces with the right hand'.

I advise you to remember and practice those mudras. They passed the test of time; I teaching them and many others, channelled by Mark, for many years with great results.

He introduced me to the world of 'Elementals', Rune Reiki, different methods of numerology and Energy Medicine.

Mark lives in different realities at the same time and has many interests and our time together was short lived. 

I am grateful to the Universe for sending me this Soul to be my teacher.