One Million Dollar Win

This story occurred when the book 'The Secret' and the movie 'The Secret' had just been released and were extremely popular. 

At that time, I was teaching courses on 'Mastering Abundance' and advertised them on MBS, Mind Body Spirit Festival, where I had a stand.

A lady booked my course, and she told me a story of how she won the Lottery – a million dollars.

'I came from a poor family with shortage of everything. I had problems with self-esteem, had no talents and had a very unchallenging job that I did not like. 

I read the book 'The Secret', watched the movie and decided to win the Lottery – a million dollars. 

I realized that with my system of beliefs and my background it would not happen, so I spent two years studying with different Spiritual Masters. 

I cut ties with negative people, stop watching TV and listening to the radio and focused on my task. 

Every day I visualized how I to win this money, what I do with it and what life I would have. 

In the beginning of the week, when my numbers came up, I was in a state of bliss. I thought, this is my week!' 

I was impressed, so I asked, 'Why are you here?'. 'I want to manifest a partner. I am lonely', she answered.

The difference between this woman and all other people who have problems with manifestation, 

is that she understood that the key and the secret is 'The Knowledge'.

Abundance is Energy and can be measured. 'What is Abundance of this person, this business, this object, that used to attract Abundance?'. 

You can find the answers to those questions using Pendulum charts.

I worked with energies for more than 30 years and want to share with you some knowledge I have on this subject.

You can improve energy of your abundance using 'Crystal Prosperity Layout', 'Shri Yantras', 'Jade money frogs' and other Feng Shui objects 

but if you are depressed, have poor self-esteem, manifesting in an environment with negative energies - it will not work. I observed it many times. 

So, if you are not happy with your life and what you have, you should start with yourself. 

Raise your energy awareness, 'What is good energy and not so good energy?', ‘What are the means to improve it, if it required?

You also need to understand the concept of 'Free Energy'. 

If you are busy with too many tasks, constantly tired and unhappy, you may not have enough 'Free Energy' to manifest you own goals.

Your goals and what you want to achieve first should exist in your mental plane and they should agree with your conscious and unconscious minds and your heart. 

What you really need and love are defined by your heart. The heart also has a brain, and it controls your feeling and emotions.

If you are manifesting but deep inside have doubts about its outcome, do not expect good results. 

You should have a 100% belief in Abundance of the Universe and that she is on your side.

I encourage you to become a 'One Million Dollar Winner' and that can be achieved without the Lottery!