Three Days to Enlightenment

Once, an Indian Astrologist Raj, attended one of my courses and we become friends. ‘I am going on a spiritual journey to India, will you go with me?’. I always wanted to visit this country, and this was an opportunity not to be missed. I made a ‘Wish list’ of what I wanted to see in India and off we went.

We traveled from temple to temple all over India. His father was a spiritual guru in India and famous. The temple headmasters knew his name and greeted his son with great respect. We were honorable guests. I received blessing from many sages and was able to speak with them. Real yoga teachers and gurus are not that easily approachable. There is a sense of power in them that stops you wasting their time.

One morning, near a temple, we met a sage and his smile let us know that we could talk to him. He traveled hundreds of "km" by foot to this temple to achieve Enlightenment. He was fasting, and all his possessions was an empty plastic bottle of water in a small plastic bag and an amazing Rudraksha necklace on his neck that many gurus wore. Raj unwisely praised this necklace and the sage took it off and with a blessing put it on Raj’s neck.

‘What is the most important lesson you learned in your life?’ I asked sage. ‘I have learned to see the hand of God in anything that happened to me’, replied sage. ‘In three days, I will receive Enlightenment’ said sage, but sitting near him in silence I already felt ‘Presence and Light of God’ in him. He had already received it, but maybe he did know it yet or not wanted us to know.