The Pendulum – Ancient Solution to Modern Problems

The practical history of the use of pendulums and dowsing devices dates back many thousands of years and involves every ancient civilisation. It is an art that has survived to the present day, and is becoming more popular than ever, due to the accuracy and ease of use which enables up to 90% of people to successfully employ this method of gaining knowledge and information in their everyday lives. One does not have to be into New Age, psychic or gifted, or even crazy... just open minded, honest and willing to try. You have nothing to lose but your ignorance of what is possible, and everything to gain from this ancient knowledge.

Do not ask abstract questions, or seek opinions. Simple yes and no questions will be answered easily, about romantic issues, jobs, whether certain foods or substances are safe or good for you and your family etc. Complicated issues, lost items, business decisions and a whole host of other questions can be answered quickly and easily. Practice makes perfect, and your expertise will increase to the point where you can amaze people with your ability. You can pendle over a persons body to determine the probable cause of an illness, or take a photo of someone you don't know and find out their age, state of health, and other questions, irrespective of how old the photo is. These are just a few examples.

A number of doctors use these devices to assist them in diagnosis of patients, and in France, around 2500 doctors use pendulums every day in surgery. The US Army, Navy, British Government, Shell, Mobil, Rockefeller Foundation and a host of other large institutions and corporations employ professional dowsers and pendlers to locate water, oil, precious metals, minerals, underground storage and ammunition dumps, old wartime relics etc. One professional pendler was able to locate every American and Russian nuclear submarine, with 100% accuracy, whilst sitting at the Pentagon with detailed maps. 

It is important to remember that the pendulum IS NOT ACTUALLY COMMUNICATING, but simply acting as an amplifier for a type of frequency which we cannot normally access, and the pendulum is simply translating this into a visual signal. It is thought that this frequency is actually emanating from your Higher Self, or Universal knowledge. Most importantly, it is a tool to be used, so use it wisely and often.