My youngest son loves ‘Quora’. He writes articles in it and has many ‘likes’. Once, he told me ‘Why don’t you write? Write 55 stories and may be one of them will be popular’. I haven’t reached this number yet but I started writing my stories not because of his challenge but of a vision I had.

I am a Yoga Teacher with a small audience, there are 2-3 people in a class and I do not have an ambition to became very popular or famous. But one day, I had a vision, that the walls of my yoga studio collapsed, like an open book, on all sides and my audience became the whole World. My stories, like little birds, flew in all directions into different houses. I lived in many different countries, met amazing people, had unusual experiences and my stories were about that. I am not a fictional writer. I write only about my experiences, my views and about people who I invited into my life. I like to write short stories for a bigger impact. It may come from a yoga tradition, when a teacher told stories to his students with simple but clear meaning.

One of my favorites was a story called ‘Rainmaker’. In one village there was no rain for a long time. They called the ‘Rainmaker’ for help. He came from the mountain where he lived and asked to be provided with the best hut in the village. He stayed there for a few days and rain started to fall. ‘How do you do it?’ asked the surprised villagers. He said ‘I stay in this hut and meditate, bring myself in order and when I am in order, all of the world is in order’.

Do you think, my reader, that maybe, we have a drought in Australia not because of climate change but because we do not have enough ‘Rainmakers’ in the country?